This past weekend, I officially graduated with my Masters of Business Administration!

Lookin extremely offish… I mean, official.


On Thursday my whole family (parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, sis & brother-in-law, boyfriend) all journeyed through way too much traffic for a Thursday afternoon to Baltimore to start the celebrations. We began with happy hour at my FAVORITE spot, Mezze, where the waiter agreed with my enthusiastic proclamations to my family that I was taking them to the BEST happy hour spot in all of Baltimore (Half off the entire menu, including bottles of champagne… Cant.be.beat). Then as our family always does, we continued the celebration with non-stop eating throughout the weekend (we even had to cancel one lunch reservation due to over-eating at a previous meal).

Friday morning was the ceremony in good ole College Park, MD (a liveable community).

The most accurate description of CP ever.

I had alllll the feels being back on campus where I had so many great memories as an undergrad. Even though I went to University of Maryland for grad school also, I took almost all of my classes at the Baltimore campus close to where I live, so it was great to be back to the place that shaped me into the woman I am today (Just kidding… I mainly just hung out with my friends for four years straight, I became the woman I am today POST-college for sure.)

IMG_20160523_150606_01 (1)

After the ceremony, the business school hosted a reception that was supposed to have “light h’or deorves” which actually end up meaning a huge brunch buffet and unlimited champagne (causing the aforementioned canceled lunch reservation #noselfcontrol).

I must have done something right to get on Mother Nature’s good side, because after a month of straight rain every day (April AND May showers), my graduation turned out to be PERFECT weather, so we were able to take pictures outside and enjoy the brunch and champagne at a picnic table under an umbrella.


After a few glasses of champagne, I was feeling super nostalgic being back at UMD, so I sent this selfie to my college best friends of me “day drankin outside on campus”. it was just like I was back in college again, except with my sweet 90 year old grandparents instead of my 20 year old degenerate best friends, and the champagne was a major upgrade from my college drinks of choice (plastic handle of vodka or natty light consumed shot-gun style).


I felt sooo lucky to have so much of my family come to my graduation. the love and support i felt was UNREAL. #blessed

And for old time’s sake, here’s a throwback to my undergrad commencement (and the reason for the title of this post).

(yes I was wearing my cap backwards… this is where a college education will get ya)

Lots of Love,


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